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Download Real Cricket™ GO for Android By Gaming Guruji Blog

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Genuine Cricket Go enables you to play cricket from your cell phone. The amusement offers you diverse worldwide competitions and is created by Nautilus, a distributer definitely known for its Real Cricket permit.

This portable title is definitely not a noteworthy form and is along these lines not the continuation of Real Cricket 18. Genuine Cricket 19 is required to be discharged not long from now.

Genuine Cricket Go is along these lines a light form of Real Cricket 3D. It weighs just 35 MB and requires just 512 MB of (RAM). So you needn’t bother with a top of the line cell phone to play it.

Genuine Cricket Go is still a work in progress and isn’t accessible around the world. Bugs are probably going to happen among now and the arrival of the last form of the diversion.

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