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Download PIXEL’S UNKNOWN BATTLE GROUND For Android By Gaming Guruji Blog

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Pixel’s Unknown Battle Ground

Do you like military blocky pixel recreations? Attempt to get by on insane pixel fight field after end times in the square city! Bounce out of the survival helicopter on the dead island, locate the best plunder, execute the adversaries. In any case, fear the contracting zone, it does huge harm! Shoot with AK, pixel firearm, smg, various barrel and different weapons. BE THE LAST solitary survivor!

Make your very own pixel square story. Battle for the finish of deathmatch in our 3D shooter!

You don’t have to 7 days to pass on, you can be killed in one moment in our pixel recreations! Since it could be your the most recent day on earth, be very cautiously with no man’s land it moves quick and can undoubtedly eat you.


✪ Skins for each taste

Skins looks completely flawless, much the same as in obvious 3D square city survival amusements, you can buy any pixel square skins;

✪ Graphics settings for the powerless telephones

Our pixel shooter with full HD designs and furthermore you can make low setting on the off chance that you have a powerless telephone;

✪ More than 30 sorts of weapons

Gigantic military armory, for example, AK, minigun, expert marksman weapons, pixel firearm, smg, guns, etc. Begin the apocalypse, JUST SHOOT with pixle firearm!

✪ In-diversion auto

Obviously we have fight autos or battle vehicles and even we have a TANK! Remain unturned with our immense pixel world! Convey your square power as quick as it conceivable, and conceal yourself from no man’s land!

✪ Live visit

Speak with different players in square city! We have made a live visit, attempt to discover companions or partners which will enable you to execute the system to triumph pixel battle!

✪ Auto shooting

You don’t have to push the shot catch, you should simply just pixel battle and prop chase. We’re trusting that vainglory its not about you, don’t extra anybody!

✪ Massive guide measure;

Great guide estimate, that is the thing that we have, it’s encompassed by the mountains and no man’s land. Huge radiation island this is where you need to endure while you plaiyng in the square city. We have more than 20+ players in a similar guide in the multiplayer online shooter!

✪ Easy, natural control.

Simply chill! You won’t see how hours and dayz will fly by while you playing the pixel shooter.

Improve your battling abilities with our pixel war diversion, make sense of with you foe or you will be in pixel dead.

A standout amongst the best survival diversion with pixel world. Fight royale online shooter won’t let you get exhausted!

Our multiplayer amusement is completely free web based diversion for download.


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