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Download Ben 10 Protector of the earth

Download Ben 10 Protector of the earth

In the beginning, Ben is only able to access a few of his alien forms for a limited time, but after defeating some bosses, Ben can eventually access five of his ten forms and even unlocks the master control, meaning he can stay alien for an infinite amount of time or switch between aliens without draining Omnitrix energy. Attack combos can be unlocked by collecting Omnitrix points. Limited power boosts or invincibility can be gathered, as well as bonuses to make the Omnitrix recharge faster. Three Sumo Slammer cards are hidden in each main level, and once collected unlock features, such as movie clips.

After each level, Plumber ranks are rewarded, depending on how fast the player beats that level. If the player gets an A rank, you get a character view, usually a boss or a villain. In the main boss levels, a quick time event similar to those of God of War allows players to execute a special attack at certain points.

The Wii, PlayStation 2 and PlayStation Portable versions, developed by High Voltage Software, are largely identical to each other, and are played in three-dimensional environments. A second player can join in co-op mode. The Wii version utilizes motion controls, such as simple flicks of the Wii Remote and Nunchuk to perform attacks, and pointing the Wii Remote at on-screen targets to execute quick-time events. The PlayStation 2 and PlayStation Portable versions require the use of memory cards to save progress.

Unlike the other three versions, the Nintendo DS version is a side-scrolling, 2.5D beat ’em up, in which players can use the Touch Screen to operate the Omnitrix, switching between available forms.